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The Bright Star Ranch Horses


Biker is a 13-year-old black Gypsy Vanner gelding who is known as “everyone’s horse” at Bright Star Ranch.  He is a gentle giant who is extremely patient with our riders and has become a wonderful therapy horse after serving many years as a show horse. 


Chiavala, lovingly called Chi, is a 8-year-old black and white Gypsy Vanner gelding who completed his training as a therapy horse and is serving our riders with both mounted and unmounted activities.  He loves people, especially children and is always begging for treats.  We have owned Chi since he was six months old and met him the day of his birth.  We know he was born for this time to help adults and children!


Freedom is a 7-year-old black and white Gypsy Vanner mare who is a sister to Chiavala.  They were born a year apart and we also visited her right after her birth. Six months later, she came to live at Bright Star Ranch.  She has a very sweet, loving personality and also enjoys all the games as much as the riders do.  She particularly loves receiving treats and visiting with the children who come to the barn.


Simon is a 7-year-old paint miniature gelding who is a brother to Sophie.  He also works in therapeutic games with children and enjoys every minute of it.  He really thinks he was born a race horse, but is making a tremendous impact on the lives touched here at the ranch.  Treats are his favorite! 


Sophie is a 13-year-old paint miniature mare who came to live at Bright Star Ranch five years ago.  She immediately bonds with all individuals who come to see her and work with her.  She is attentive and caring and does her best with unmounted activities such as the obstacle courses. She particularly enjoys being groomed!  Everyone loves that she has one blue eye and one brown eye. 

Want to help our horses? Make a pledge today! Your donation helps with the cost of feed and veterinary services to keep our horses healthy and able to perform their jobs during each session. Thank you for supporting Bright Star Ranch!

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